Illinois Home Insurance Quotes

Illinois Home Insurance QuotesGetting a quote on home insurance can be scary and often painful.  If you don’t know exactly what you need, and over-insure, your premiums can be high.  If you under-insure yourself and disaster strikes, you will lose a lot of money out of your pocket.

Fortunately, you can take the fear out of getting home insurance that will cover all your needs:

  1. Allstate – The headquarters of this major company is located in Illinois, and it has the best homeowner insurance in the state. The company’s online tools mean that accessing policy information is easy, and discounts for things like multiple policies, a history of no claims, early renewals and non-smoking homes are available.
  2. American Family – With a top rating for insurance companies, American Family is one of the largest providers of insurance in Illinois. Their policies cover all kinds or risks that can occur in your area, from fire, lightning and wind damage to vandalism and many more.  There are even options to protect you if your home is used as a place of business, making this one of the best places to get Illinois home insurance quotes.
  3. State Farm – A company that has a 30% share of the home insurance market in the state, this company has an A++ rating in financial strength. A solid reputation for customer service, discounts and service tools makes them a popular choice for people looking for home insurance.  They even provide mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  4. Farmers Insurance – This company has coverage options for a number of different types of dwellings: single family homes, condos, even mobile homes.  They have options for coverage of both your property and possessions.  Multi-policy discounts are available along with new home discounts, recently renovated discounts and others.
  5. Country Mutual – Country Mutual offers options for home insurance that cover direct loss to your home or property. The policies are very specific, so you know at the time you sign what is covered and what is not.  Some unique discounts are offered, which are not available at other companies, such as new electric wiring.

Getting Illinois home insurance quotes does not have to be a scary process.  Simply know what type of coverage you need, and check online resources and reviews of different companies.  All of the resources available to you will help you make the right decision in covering your home and your family.

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